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Errol's story

Errol is our son. At 2 1/2 years old, Errol was involved in a fatal accident. We, his Mom and Dad, have struggled to navigate our way through the crippling grief that comes with losing a child. The pain runs deeper than the deepest ocean. Errol is a kind, compassionate sensitive old soul who made everyone in the room smile. He loved grilled cheese sandwiches, airplanes and rides in his Radio Flyer wagon. Adults marveled at his depth of compassion at such a young age. I wish that we all could have seen the world through Errol's eyes. And then it hit us. If we can't help ourselves, let's do our best to help someone else. Not only to honor Errol, but to hopefully ease another human's suffering. This is what he would want. For other kids to be happy and inquisitive just as he was. 

We hope to change the lives of children and adults in  meaningful ways. We want to give children experiential learning that teaches them empathy, spirit and resiliency. We want to arm children with knowledge and compassion from the very start and teach them to reciprocate what they've learned to their community in the form of service.  The Errol Conrad Thornton Foundation is based in the ideal that our collective purpose in this life is to help each other through it. Giving feels good. You can't deny it. And who better to give to than our most vulnerable little citizens, children. We stand for inclusion of ALL children, no matter what. Please help us honor Errol's beautiful, loving spirit. Thank you. 

Love and Gratitude,

Glenn and Season

The key to healing is in helping others. In that we find the light and strength within us.
— Crysta Lyon
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our purpose


books and school supplies

Readers are leaders! Let's make sure that students are prepared from the start. Every student should be equipped with the "tools" to succeed. Children who read at home not only become better readers but have higher math scores. Help give students the gift of literacy!   


Despite federal and state meal programs, many children go hungry at dinner time and during school vacations. This foundation strives to fill that void. 

Field Trips

Most of us have fond memories of school field trips. These days, field trips are viewed as "extra curricular activities". Not so! Field trips give students hands on experience and help bridge the gap between the text book and the imagination. Help us give them inspiring experiences!



musical instruments

Music is the universal language. Sadly, it is often the first program cut from school budgets. Learning to play a musical instrument is proven to help a child develop better math, language and literacy skills. Can you imagine a world without music? Neither can we! Rock on!

community service

We want the children who receive your act of kindness to know that it came from a community that cares about them. More importantly, we want them to be inspired by kindness so much that they want to pay it forward. We humbly request that all children who benefit from your kindness reciprocate the act in the form of volunteer work in our community.


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.
— Aesop
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Make a tax deductible monetary donation in any amount that you would like. Your donation will go toward the purchase of school supplies, books, musical instruments, field trips, scholarships and school lunches. No amount is too big or too small. Thank you! 501c3 status pending.



Readers are leaders! New, used, we don't care as long as they're appropriate for children and teens. 



Give a child in need the basic necessities to succeed as a student. Pencils, notebooks and backpacks are all great ideas. Knowledge is power!



We'll collect and distribute musical instruments of any kind, new or used. A monetary donation dedicated to the purpose of school band instrument rental is also a great idea if you want to give a child the gift of music!


Donate Here!
It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.
— Frederick Douglass
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Volunteer or CONTACT US

We are always looking for people who believe that the best feeling in life comes from helping others. Volunteer, donate or let us keep you in the loop with our newsletter. Do you know an amazing child or teacher that deserves recognition? Do you know someone who just needs a little help? Tell us about them! We will never share your contact information.

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friends of the foundation